Monday, 27 November 2017

A Fond Farewell?

This Fantasy F1 league has it's roots in my teenage years, I can't remember how long it lasted that time but time was definitely called by 1998.  A decade later, I mentioned this geekery to Beauty & the F1 Geek, who immediately called for it's return.  I think that was in 2009 but it may have been the year before or even before that...we definitely worked together at the time (I'm sure someone will post in the comments...).  It doesn't feel like much has changed in that time, other than the arrival of Jenson's Whinging Legacy and consequently two Pitstop Princes.

Squeezing in watching the races is becoming trickier, as I'm sure you've noticed from my erratic posting, and typing up the results and banter even harder.  In fact, it's now a chore rather than a hobby.  And so, it may be time to wave the chequered flag.

Unless the league could be run more collectively.  If someone could arrange the spreadsheet and people could sign up to a rota to write the race posts, then the whole shebang could live on.  Let me know if you're interested.

Abu Dhabi GP - "Thank you very much for everything"

Prior to the race, Alonso admitted he was pretty happy for this to be his last Honda-powered race.  I think a few folk around were demob happy.

I really enjoyed the amazing driving the pre-race aeronautical display.

As for the race itself, I think that must have been as much airtime for Stroll as he has had all year.  And Bottas must be wondering why he barely featured.  He drove a faultless race, driving Hamilton to make an error on Lap 31.  If Mercedes continue to be dominant next season, hopefully he can bring the fight.

Despite a wheel falling off their wagon, Renault finished sixth in the championship.  I'm not sure why Williams didn't receive any love for finishing higher that that.  Or McLaren any criticism for finishing below Haas.

To finish the season, Bottas and Hamilton celebrated with one of my favourites...doughnuts.

(For comments on Massa's retirement, please refer to the 2016 season.)

Abu Dhabi GP - Results

1. Moneyball - 1,186
2. Two World Champions, two future World Champions and, um, two other guys - 1,177
3. No Vices Now - 1,174
4. Hoping for an Indian Summer - 1,088
5. The Pitstop Princess - 1,085
6. Evel Marque - 1,084
7. Jenson's Whinging Legacy - 1,083
8. Even more hopeful - 1,066
9. Bernie is a hobbit - 1,055
10. Beauty & the F1 Geek - 887
11. Burn After Racing - 883
12. BOT-RAI-PER - 776
13. Slightly Slower Racing - 751
14. Hippy F1 - 703

Money in the post to the top three!

Friday, 17 November 2017

Brazil GP - Results

With one race left and all home tracks raced, it's tight at the top...

1. No Vices Now - 1,136*
2. Two World Champions, two future World Champions and, um, two other guys - 1,134*
3. Moneyball - 1,133*
4. The EvePitstop Princess - 1,030*
5. Evel Marque - 1,029*
6. Hoping for an Indian Summer - 1,021*
7. Jenson's Whinging Legacy - 1,008*
8. Bernie is a hobbit - 1,000*
9. Even more hopeful - 991*
10. Beauty & the F1 Geek - 862*
11. Burn After Racing - 855*
12. Slightly Slower Racing - 719*
13. BOT-RAI-PER - 709*
14. Hippy F1 - 641*

*Home track played

Brazil GP - "Daddy, we are so proud of you"

This weekend saw a cracking race.  It got off to a good start with Hamilton in the pits.  Lap one saw Ocon and Grosjean come together, then Van Doorne and Ricciardo triggered a safety car.  There was lots of overtaking but I have no notes from the race??!  I think it was just of a standard we haven't seen in a long, long time.  Even after Vettel crossed the line, there was the battle between Massa, Alonso and Perez to enjoy.