Monday, 15 November 2010

Abu Dhabi Charts

Chart of Lust

1. 4-way drivers championships - they are exciting.
2. (re-entry) Sparkly helmets - working their magic for Vettel.
3. F1 names - this entry is dedicated to my new favourite, Kenny Handkammer.
4. (re-entry) Yachts - yes, please.
5. Germans crying - always slightly satisfying.

Chart of Loathing

1. (new entry - I know, how so?!) Ledgard - unable to distinguish between a front and a rear wing.
2. (re-entry) Graphics - no one's overtaken any one, or pitted, for laps. I think the championship prediction will be same as when you showed it 30 seconds ago.
3. (new entry) Wet shirt contests - as sported by Red Bull Top Brass on the podium. Why him when there are all those lovely clapping ladies hanging around?
4. (static) EJ - firstly for the purple trousers and secondly, for his ability to conduct a lengthy interview, allowing the interviewee (Dietrich Mateschitz) to only get one sentence in.
5. (new entry) Queen - Red Bull need a new CD.

Abu Dhabi Deliberations - "Thank you. I love you."

Never mind the bollards, the FF1 2010 season has drawn to a close. The Beeb kicked this off with a racism-lite Arabian nights (with a Welsh twang) introduction to their coverage. Then rolled out the Big Guns: Moss and Walker, who they didn't sit near to each other to have a conversation.

There were a lot of classic quotes to take away from the race. My favourite was the team radio to Alonso: "Use the best of your talent. We know how big it is." It's a shame the Ferrari strategists only packed their second-best talent, their best talent must have been at the dry-cleaners. Schumacher commented, when asked about Vettel's victory compared to his: "My time is a different time from this time." If this is not your time, Schumi, why are you driving a car that so many other, talented, drivers would get better use out of? Alonso was looking at the positives at the end, taking a lot from his failure by noting for the record that he has beaten some other records. But not any important ones I guess.

So, at the end of the year, two young men finally revealed the talent the got them into F1. Petrov came good and held up a two-time world champion and Vettel waited until after he crossed the chequered line, to be told that he had won. Not sure I believe him.

Thanks for playing along this year. Have a happy off-season. See you in March.

Final Results

1. Que Senna Senna - 1015
2. Liuzzi goes bananas - 993
3. Blood on the tracks - 945
4. The Lord of the Wings - 881
5. Chew Chew Joe - 840
6. Corpus Christi - Trimble - 821
7. Beauty & the F1 Geek - 782
8. The Young and the Restless - 772
9. Hippy F1 - 762
10. Stars in Reasonably Priced Cars - 736
11. You will never see me in Lederhosen - 709
12. The Pitstop Princess - 695
13. Wheely wheely fast - 587
14. Ferrari Fanatic - 289

If Que Senna Senna and a representative of the Bloody Bananas team get inn touch, I will arrange the winner's spoils to be directed their way. Congrats.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Brazil GP Caption Competition

What is the pole-sitter and runners-up thinking?

Brazil Charts

Chart of Lust

1. (re-entry) The Hulk - who else could take this week's number 1 slot! And say "what a nice surprise!"
2. (re-entry) Adrian Newey - his genius confirmed by another constructor's championship.
3. (new entry) McLaren VIP area - in-the-pit deck to watch the race from, I wonder if Williams have one to....and how one gets an invite?
4. (new entry) Samba on the podium - made a welcome change from the usual Classic FM track for spraying the champers.
5. Eddie Jordan - knew all along that Williams would be on pole, apparently.

Chart of Loathing

1. (new entry) Jake Humphrey - believes that pole "is nearly a new experience for Williams". My Jake voodoo doll really suffered this weekend.
2. (new entry) Whinging - Hamilton, over and over and over. You are not world champion, you do not have a champion car, get over it.
3. (new entry) "If it stayed like this..." - repeated ad nauseum. I know there's not much happening on track but can we have a little creativity to our commentary please, Ledgard.
4. (new entry) Eddie Jordan - knew Webber would take Hulk immediately, have more faith, even if it's fruitless, Eddie. And then there's his pink-spotted shirt - bringing sartorial disasters to HD.
5. (re-entry) BBC Coverage - comparing Alonso to a horse.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Brazil GP Results

1. Que Senna Senna - 979
2. Liuzzi goes bananas - 952
3. Blood on the tracks - 872
4.The Lord of the Wings - 844
5. Chew Chew Joe - 790
6. Corpus Christi - Trimble - 779
7. Hippy F1 - 746
8. Beauty & the F1 Geek - 728
9. The Young and the Restless - 719
10. Stars in Reasonably Priced Cars - 676
11. The Pitstop Princess - 668
12. You will never see me in Lederhosen - 667
13. Wheely wheely fast - 558
14. Ferrari Fanatic - 284

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Oh deep joy!

Whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop

Still inclined to dance around my flat, shrieking. Qualifying will never be as good again. Hoping tomorrow never comes.