Sunday, 26 June 2011

Europe GP - "Better than anything you can imagine"

Possibly only for you, Seb. Jenson said it was a boring race and I think he was closer to the mark. Do we have higher standards now? Probably not.

The only other point to note today is that DC needs to spend some time learning to identify the drivers and cars at the tail end of the grid. Come on, get it right, you're paid out of our licence fee, we demand better.

Europe Charts

Chart of Lust

1. (new entry) 24 finishers - mainly because it means that both Williams actually finished. Outside of the points, of course.
2. (new entry) Heat - how will they cope at the really hot races? Want some of that sunshine here though.

Chart of Loathing

1. (static) Vettel on pole - still snoozesome
2. (new entry) Tyre strategy chat - booooring
3. (new entry) Vettle's golf ball helmet - or is it the Epcot Centre?
4. (new entry) EJ and Jake's grid walk - you were just talking to each other off of the grid too, come on.

Europe Results

1. Glock, Stock and Two Smoking Constructors - 522
2. Still Chewing - 455
3. Besta di Resta - 453
4. The Best Team - 425
5. Lord of the Wings - 419
6. Gurning Rubber - 410
7= The Pitstop Princess - 398
7= Trulli Scrumptious - 398
9. Fuelled by Tiger Blood - 382
10. Must do better... - 352
11. Beauty & the F1 Geek - 330
12. Hippy F1 - 234
13. Ferrari Fanatic - 212
14. Wheelie Wheelie Fast - 175

Monday, 13 June 2011

Canada Chat - "I think we held every position in that race but we finished were it mattered."

First point of business, the Bahrain GP is deffo cancelled. It did feature twice on PM, I thought it was cars going in circles but apparantly it's much more than that.

Second point of business, following AliGate, Lewis has apparantly apologised to everyone. Did you get yours?

Third point of business, I have just done The Water Cycle with P4, I can tell you that rain is inevitable. Why don't they build cars that run in the rain? Is it too much to ask? You'd return it to the garage if you'd bought it.

The rain kept the stewards very busy, or possibly it was drivers who can't drive in the rain who kept the stewards busy. I hope you were cheering on Kobabashi at the restart (don't ask me which restart). The most points for the race should go to the safety car driver, perhaps I should put him as a wildcard on next year's driver menu. Would like it noted that the safety car cost Williams points, I'm sure Maldonado would have stayed ahead if they hadn't all caught up with him.

At the end of the day, Vettel and Webber looked very disappointed and angry. Which makes such a pleasant change.

Canada Charts

Chart of Lust

1. (new entry) Points for Williams - we'd like some more please
2. (new entry) Tea and biscuits - mid-race, yes please
3. (new entry) Papa Button's lucky pink shirt - still works it magic
4. (new entry) Lovely blue eyes - as sported by Martin Whitmarsh, let down by odd multi-coloured hair
5. (new entry) Cheering - hooray for Lewis finally showing his sporting side

Chart of Loathing

1. (new entry) Vettel on pole - snooze
2. (new entry) Safety car start - boooorrrring
3. (new entry) Button - the mobile chicane for quite a lot of the race
4. (new entry) Rubber galoshes and wiping the soles of shoes- these drivers are too pampered
5. (new entry) Waving crowds - don't normally mind it but two hours worth to fill is too much

Canada GP Results

1. Glock, Stock and Two Smoking Constructors - 453
2.Still Chewing - 387
3. Lord of the Wings - 382
4. The Best Team - 379
5.Besta di Resta - 366
6. Gurning Rubber - 354
7= The Pitstop Princess - 336
7= Trulli Scrumptious - 336
9. Fuelled by Tiger Blood - 324
10= Must do better... - 302
10= Beauty & the F1 Geek - 302
12.Hippy F1 - 224
13. Ferrari Fanatic - 174
14. Are all Williams fans masochists? - 172
15.Wheelie Wheelie Fast - 149

Sunday, 12 June 2011

New Feature - Film Reviews

So Senna.....
A geeks delight. If you like Senna. If you prefer Prost or Williams or chronological authenticity, possibly not for you. Lots of great footage from the FOM archives, especially on-board. Therefore, it has to be said, that the period detail is amazing. I enjoyed the film but it's disappointing that any year Senna did not do well is just skipped over, as though we went from 1988 to 1990 with nothing in between. I'm sure I had a 9th birthday party. There's also quite a lot of death (without giving any spoilers). Brace yourself for the death. So all in all, go and see it, let's have some more F1 movies. Perhaps any more could be shown off-season, so get us all through. Roll on Prost, Mansell and Herbert.

ps. If you have seen the film, please post your review as a comment.