Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Abu Dhabi GP - "Woo hoo...world champion, I can't believe it"


Access all areas - Rosberg was allowed backstage to congratulate Hamilton.  A little moment of love shared.  How unlike FoM.
Contentious doughnuts - from Hamilton
Caterham - made it to Abu Dhabi, now we are waiting for our merch
Bottas - third in the drivers' championship
Not giving up - a lesson from Rosberg to many other drivers
Yachts - yes please
Face cam - especially good showing the moments of radio from Rosberg
The podium - a Williams double and the world champion got a spot too
Double points made no difference
Expecting better next year...

Contentious doughnuts - permission denied to Rosberg
Old school fire - from Maldonado
Tweeting - desperate tweets from Mercedes to fix Rosberg's car, I don't think this was the best use of resources in this case
Superimposed graphics - I'm sure Lewis appreciated seeing he was on course to win the championship lap after lap
If the race finishes now... - started 14 laps in
Losing hope - would the start replay show that Hamilton had jumped it?  Will he get a poor pitstop?
Poor starts - Bottas and Rosberg
Alonso/Button battle - we barely saw one move of this battle between champions
Prince Harry on the radio - bizarre?

Lastly, thanks everyone for playing this year.  I'll offer an enormous apology for the erratic and often late posts (I'm not taking any responsibility for this and entirely blaming Baby Pitstop) and look forward to seeing where testing leaves us in February.

Monday, 24 November 2014


Banter to follow!

Abu Dhabi & Final Fantasty Formula 1 Results - 2014

1. Ch-ch-ch-Changes!! - 1,762
2. No Vices Now - 1,304
3. Mercrari Hulkenassa - 1,282
4. The Hopefuls - 1,236
5. The Pitstop Princess - 1,184
6. The View from the Back of the Grid - 1,156
7. The Mercs - 1,113
8. Hippy F1 - 1,109
9. League of Extraordinary Pay Drivers - 945
10. Red Bull goes Brazil Nuts!! - 944
11. The Baldy Biker - 895
12. Magnussen Benz Over Button - 646
13. Beauty & the F1 Geek - 574
14. Hopefully Prancing Horses not Donkeys - 379

Cheques in the post to the Top 3!

Monday, 10 November 2014


Baby Pitstop willing - I will be tweeting along to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix...@pitstopprincess

Brazil GP - "Woohoo...charge the battery"

A tense race for those of us in Team Rosberg...

Samba in delight for:

Crowd funding for Caterham - pledges have been made
Renegade behaviour - Kimi skipped the anthem in Texas
Telling it like it us - Hamilton: "I've got blisters [on my tyres]."  Pitwall: "You manage it, don't lock up."
Censorship - bleeping out Massa's swear
The return of blistering tyres - adding a little more interest
Rally driving - as demonstrated by Hamilton
Wrong garage - doh Massa!
Biased coverage - we haven't seen so much of Massa in a long time and no one else this year seems to have received this at their home race
Mucking about - Piquet and Lauder
4 world champions battling
"My Daddy drives for Williams" T-shirt - sported by Felipe Junior
Honest press statements - Raikkonen: "I don't think the team cared which order we finished in"

Accompanied by security:

Button - is he staying at McLaren?  Is he going elsewhere? Not if Sky have anything to do with it.
The three car discussion - tell us when it's over
Speeding in the pit lane - how is it still possible?  Massa?
Williams - managing to sabotage every opportunity they create for themselves - Bottas's seatbelt malfunction (we don't have this problem with Baby Pitstop's seatbelt), Bottas's front wing,  Massa's pitstop...
Front jack failure - Kimi's first decent race ruined
Nelson Piquet - we thought Jordan's podium interviews were the worst - Hamilton didn't even say anything in response to his first question/statement
4th to 6th in the championship - argh, Bottas!
Has there been a spot of engineering trouble or has Ebola broken out in the pitlane? - Horner: "We need to quarantine those parts."

Lastly, is anyone else surprised that the BBC didn't superimpose poppies onto overalls?

Brazil GP Results

1. Ch-ch-ch-Changes - 1,614
2. Mercrari Hulkenassa - 1,174
3. The Hopefuls - 1,171
4. No Vices Now - 1,152
5. The Pitstop Princess - 1,105
6. The View from the Back of the Grid - 1,038*
7. Hippy F1 - 1,010
8. The Mercs - 995
9. League of Extraordinary Pay Drivers - 877
10. Red Bull goes Brazil Nuts!! - 852
11. The Baldy Biker - 791
12. Magnussen Benz over Button - 570
13. Beauty & the F1 Geek - 500
14. Hopefully Prancing Horses not Donkeys - 369

* Home track

Monday, 3 November 2014

Advance Notice

Baby Pitstop permitting, I am planning a live race tweet-a-long for Abu Dhabi.  If you don't follow me already, it's @pitstopprincess.  I'm hoping it will be a great way for us all to share the disappointment of double points.

US GP - "Get in there, mate"

This week the Pitstop Princess is delighted to have a week off and hand over the banter reins to the League of Extraordinary Pay Drivers.  The views expressed do not represent those of the blogger.

· Sutil’s qually heroics – his first gridwalk interview in years (we’d forgotten he could talk)
· Midfield magic – A ten car squabble that made the race
· Missing the change of lead (on live coverage) – The Alonso/Vettel battle was more interesting overall
· Matt Le Blanc mania – Grosjean’s Le Blanc helmet is the best thing Lotus have done all season
· Radio classics – “stay after those Willies”
Hell No
· Sergio Perez- Ruining races in less than a lap now;
· Vettel starting from the pitlane – Regulations that kill competition and the most pointless qually lap ever;
· Celeb overload – Keanu Reeves, Pamela Anderson, Gordon Ramsey, and the ubiquitous Halliwell;
· Redneck beards – Ricciardo;
· Teams dropping like flies – Caterham, Marussia & Co. could be saved simply by Lewis Hamilton and Bob Fernley selling their chavy necklaces;

US GP Results

1. Ch-ch-ch-Changes!! - 1,513
2= Mercrari Hulkenassa - 1,098
2= The Hopefuls - 1,098
4. No Vices Now - 1,076
5. The Pitstop Princess - 1,046
6. The Mercs - 954
7. Hippy F1 - 937
8. The View from the Back of the Grid - 908
9. League of Extraordinary Pay Drivers - 824
10. Red Bull goes Brazil Nuts!! - 804
11. The Baldy Biker - 754
12. Magnussen Benz over Button - 525
13. Beauty & the F1 Geek - 474
14. Hopefully Prancing Horses not Donkeys - 347