Monday, 3 November 2014

US GP - "Get in there, mate"

This week the Pitstop Princess is delighted to have a week off and hand over the banter reins to the League of Extraordinary Pay Drivers.  The views expressed do not represent those of the blogger.

· Sutil’s qually heroics – his first gridwalk interview in years (we’d forgotten he could talk)
· Midfield magic – A ten car squabble that made the race
· Missing the change of lead (on live coverage) – The Alonso/Vettel battle was more interesting overall
· Matt Le Blanc mania – Grosjean’s Le Blanc helmet is the best thing Lotus have done all season
· Radio classics – “stay after those Willies”
Hell No
· Sergio Perez- Ruining races in less than a lap now;
· Vettel starting from the pitlane – Regulations that kill competition and the most pointless qually lap ever;
· Celeb overload – Keanu Reeves, Pamela Anderson, Gordon Ramsey, and the ubiquitous Halliwell;
· Redneck beards – Ricciardo;
· Teams dropping like flies – Caterham, Marussia & Co. could be saved simply by Lewis Hamilton and Bob Fernley selling their chavy necklaces;


  1. What happened to the first letter of each line?

    This type up does not represent the typing skills of the temporary, stand in blogger!!!!!

  2. think you've started a new trend!

    veryone should speak like this!

    otta say a big Yeee-Haaaar!!! to Ricciardo's Redneck Handlebar Beard!!! - One of F1's few breaths of fresh air this year.

    ernie seeing past his own greed is a beginning to seeing past the problems in F1.

    Red Bull goes Brazil Nuts!!'

    (I could type the first letter all along - I just though it was more humorous this way : )