Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Abu Dhabi GP - "Excellent job"

Firstly, apologies for the very late posting.  As some of you are aware, when we pressed play on our recording of the race, all we had was Davis Cup tennis...Had to wait until Monday evening to watch the race downloaded...

I probably would have enjoyed the race more if I had cared more.


Our new favourite game - "Where would Alonso rather be?"
Double points - I think very few people noticed that it didn't happen this year.
Female aerodynamicist on the podium for Mercedes - hooray.  The first woman on the podium ever???


44? - 44th year of UAE but (by bizarre coincidence) also Hamilton's number and his potential win tally.  I smell a conspiracy.
Bottas' pit stop - Williams (or Willys, as Button insisted on calling them) find a new way to sabotage their own race
Alonso's race strategy - "if there isn't a safety car, I will retire".  Definitely a way to save tyres.
Barrichello's black tie T-shirt - there is lots that money cannot buy
Verstappen's new catch phrase - "He pushed me off the track!"  Then he ignored blue flags.
"Strat 6" "Strat 10" - what was this shenanigans Mercedes were doing?

As always, thanks so much to everyone for playing this season.  We have finished with 20 teams, so the top five will be receiving some dosh sooner or later.  If you want me to keep hold of £10 of it for next season, let me know.

Looking forward to reading all your comments about the race below!

Abu Dhabi GP - Final Fantasy F1 Results

1. Teutonic Titans, Titanic Twits - 1,534
2. Sharks have no bones :) - 1,519
3. DC's Tighty Whiteys - 1,517
4. Double Mercedes is boring! - 1,204
5. Go Fast and Prosper - 1,156
6. Mike and the Mechanics - 1,149
7. The F1 Flumps - 1,132
8. Muppet Racing - 1,128
9. Baby on Board - 1,117
10. Lots of Trouble, Usually Serious - 1,093
11. Hippy F1 - 979
12. The Pitstop Princess - 910
13. The Hopefuls - 895
14. Beauty & the F1 Geek - 835
15. I Monza Brink of Insanity - 782
16. No Vices Now - 730
17. Baby Pitstop's Change Crew - 718
18. The Very Good Value - 708*
19. Juan Angus Fangio C.I. - 589*
20. 10CC - 522

* Home track