Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Abu Dhabi GP - "Excellent job"

Firstly, apologies for the very late posting.  As some of you are aware, when we pressed play on our recording of the race, all we had was Davis Cup tennis...Had to wait until Monday evening to watch the race downloaded...

I probably would have enjoyed the race more if I had cared more.


Our new favourite game - "Where would Alonso rather be?"
Double points - I think very few people noticed that it didn't happen this year.
Female aerodynamicist on the podium for Mercedes - hooray.  The first woman on the podium ever???


44? - 44th year of UAE but (by bizarre coincidence) also Hamilton's number and his potential win tally.  I smell a conspiracy.
Bottas' pit stop - Williams (or Willys, as Button insisted on calling them) find a new way to sabotage their own race
Alonso's race strategy - "if there isn't a safety car, I will retire".  Definitely a way to save tyres.
Barrichello's black tie T-shirt - there is lots that money cannot buy
Verstappen's new catch phrase - "He pushed me off the track!"  Then he ignored blue flags.
"Strat 6" "Strat 10" - what was this shenanigans Mercedes were doing?

As always, thanks so much to everyone for playing this season.  We have finished with 20 teams, so the top five will be receiving some dosh sooner or later.  If you want me to keep hold of £10 of it for next season, let me know.

Looking forward to reading all your comments about the race below!


  1. 'ello. Speaking of late postings...

    ...many thanks again for another year of FF1, Claire.

    A damp squib of a season that would have been much worse without the thrill of gambling and the choice chat on this blog. And Verstappen, who has been incredible to watch. If only someone had parked me in an F1 car when I was 17. That's what I get for being the son of a surveyor and not the son of a playboy millionaire ex-F1 driver...

    I think that next year's competition (both F1 and FF1) will be interesting. Will Ferrari continue their resurgence? Will Alonso and Button toddle off? Will the Silver Arrow suspension still favour Rosberg over Hamilton? Will Maldonado crash? (Oh, wait, that one's easy.) Finally, will Claire change the scoring to price out the boring-but-hey-ho-money's-in-the-bank 'Double Mercedes' combo, or will it still be as is, with the knowledge that Ferrari could upset the bookies?

    Anyway, many thanks again, from me and on behalf of everyone else.

    -- Teutonic Titans, Titanic Twits

    p.s. please do not pass my winnings to 'Beauty and the F1 Geek'. I'll never see them... ;0)

  2. ***BREAKING NEWS***

    Well, sh 1t. Not many choices left for Sky haters. Ch4 will be enthusiastic but adverts are never fun.

    -- Teutonic Titans, Titanic Twits

  3. Well Chris - You've done it again - You've won, well done. Despite this I'd very much like you to know that I am a seething bitter ball of internalised fury and unfulfilled ambition, quite literally going more insane, second by second, hour by hour - it continually gnaws away at my soul, till there is nothing left but absolute hatred (like Rosberg)... Despite this - I'd like to wish you a wholehearted congratulations! : ) - I would like to taste gold just one time though...

    I'd like to borrow your crystal ball for a season (why did I pick Stevens?!...). You are a worthy opponent indeed.

    Claire - thanks again; you doggedly kept up your humour despite the season being a washout. You make it better for all of us. Thank you, always appreciate it. I'll just say it for your own good; Give up on Williams - it's never going to happen. 1992 was a long time ago - I was beating my brothers on scalextric with mansell's williams back then...

    Yes - Verstappen was interesting, lots of talent back there - he just seems to have an extra edge of ambition. Maclaren was a huge let down. It was sad. I don't even want to talk about it. Yeah - the double Merc was predictable ff1 money in the bank - if Claire were to 'shuffle the cards' again, I wouldn't blame her - we'll all still have the same chance in the end.

    'Cause I'm not in the UK - I've been mostly catching purely the races only (if even). Occasionally I've downloaded a bbc race or two and any time I've happened to catch some of the bbc presenting of it - I can't stand it - the only person of value seems to be DC. Long ago preferred sky (or whatever it is I get over here).

    Anyway, I've moaned and ranted enough - Happy New Year Everyone.

    Here's hoping in 2016 F1 will become exciting again!

    Sharks have no bones : ) (Kamikaze Kobayashi!)