Monday, 10 November 2014

Brazil GP - "Woohoo...charge the battery"

A tense race for those of us in Team Rosberg...

Samba in delight for:

Crowd funding for Caterham - pledges have been made
Renegade behaviour - Kimi skipped the anthem in Texas
Telling it like it us - Hamilton: "I've got blisters [on my tyres]."  Pitwall: "You manage it, don't lock up."
Censorship - bleeping out Massa's swear
The return of blistering tyres - adding a little more interest
Rally driving - as demonstrated by Hamilton
Wrong garage - doh Massa!
Biased coverage - we haven't seen so much of Massa in a long time and no one else this year seems to have received this at their home race
Mucking about - Piquet and Lauder
4 world champions battling
"My Daddy drives for Williams" T-shirt - sported by Felipe Junior
Honest press statements - Raikkonen: "I don't think the team cared which order we finished in"

Accompanied by security:

Button - is he staying at McLaren?  Is he going elsewhere? Not if Sky have anything to do with it.
The three car discussion - tell us when it's over
Speeding in the pit lane - how is it still possible?  Massa?
Williams - managing to sabotage every opportunity they create for themselves - Bottas's seatbelt malfunction (we don't have this problem with Baby Pitstop's seatbelt), Bottas's front wing,  Massa's pitstop...
Front jack failure - Kimi's first decent race ruined
Nelson Piquet - we thought Jordan's podium interviews were the worst - Hamilton didn't even say anything in response to his first question/statement
4th to 6th in the championship - argh, Bottas!
Has there been a spot of engineering trouble or has Ebola broken out in the pitlane? - Horner: "We need to quarantine those parts."

Lastly, is anyone else surprised that the BBC didn't superimpose poppies onto overalls?

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