Sunday, 12 June 2011

New Feature - Film Reviews

So Senna.....
A geeks delight. If you like Senna. If you prefer Prost or Williams or chronological authenticity, possibly not for you. Lots of great footage from the FOM archives, especially on-board. Therefore, it has to be said, that the period detail is amazing. I enjoyed the film but it's disappointing that any year Senna did not do well is just skipped over, as though we went from 1988 to 1990 with nothing in between. I'm sure I had a 9th birthday party. There's also quite a lot of death (without giving any spoilers). Brace yourself for the death. So all in all, go and see it, let's have some more F1 movies. Perhaps any more could be shown off-season, so get us all through. Roll on Prost, Mansell and Herbert.

ps. If you have seen the film, please post your review as a comment.

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