Sunday, 29 May 2011

Monaco Chat - "Together we did it"

There were huge smashes around the golden streets of Monte Carlo before qualifying even began, an omen of what was to come. Following the race, I am starting a campaign to have Hamilton banned, please leave a comment if you are on-board. Pipsqueak should have his licence retracted as he cost Williams all those precious points when he took Maldonado out. I am also getting tired of listening to two geriatrics try to remember who has used what tyres and who could use what tyres and whether anyone will have to use another set of tyres. Can we ban the word for the next race? Let's bring in the rules of Just a Minute, they must speak with hesitation, repetition or deviation.
Outraged, Ibrox.

1 comment:

  1. Hamilton should definitely be banned! Can't believe he got away with making those statements about the stewards and the drivers without getting punished for bringing the sport into disrepute!!!