Saturday, 7 May 2011

China - "absolutely magnificent"

A race of highs, lows and minor shenanigans. DC was all "you try and tell them that these days...and they won't believe you" about the good old days when he was a driver (two years ago!). He turned this around by finally accepting the blame for shunting Wurtz's Williams off. Another high followed when Williams knocked out Red Bull in Qualifying 1. Heidfeld told us that he still aims to win, not only a race but a championship, don't know what Kubica will feel about this. Webber started on a low, "might need binoculars to see the [starting] lights". Button's low was stopping in the wrong pit box. Brundle's low was putting all his commentating experience into coming up with: "All the cars are fighting with all the other cars". Perez followed his debut race high with an almighty low, I think you all spoke too soon. Vettel's high was a masterclass in defending. Ultimately you can have a good car but it your strategy is poor, what is the point?

To finish, I'd like to put in a plea to Bernie for a position tracker down the edge of the screen. Muchos gracias.

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