Friday, 6 May 2011

Malaysia - "In the heat, we kept our heads cool"

There was once again, lots to ponder after the race. Why are Ferrari, with most of the world's resources at their disposal (Portugal will be approaching them for a bail-out), gunning for 6 and 7 in qualifying? How frustrated exactly must Kubica be, watching eternal also-ran Heidfeld and ropey Petrov acheiving so much in his car? Could they have glued the cars together a little better this year? Why did Heidfeld chat to Newey after the race? A bit of networking? Does Eddie Jordan have a short neck or always wear high-collar shirts?

It was a difficult race for lots of drivers. Schumacher and Hamilton rallied and pitted and barely saw the track tarmac. Alonso radioed "I'm pushing. I'm pushing. Don't worry." as his team despaired.

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