Friday, 6 May 2011

Malaysia Charts

Chart of Lust

1. (new entry) Heidfeld - beautiful start
2. (new entry) New Phrases - this weekend I have added the following to my list of catchphrases:

  • "few squirrels on the track" (DC to di Resta, meaning, "I know a few track secrets")

  • "sounding Harry Flatters to me" (Brundle commenting that a tyre sounded flat)

  • "running in dirty air" (DC, meaning having a terrible time behind someone else)

  • "reaching the cliff" (everyone, meaning "about to become rubbish)

  • "space capacity" (DC, meaning, "all that talent that you don't use")

  • "the Leonardo Da Vinci of Formula 1" (Brundle referring to Newey)

3. (new entry) Lots of team radio - so much more insightful than DC

4. (new entry) Watching the race with my Mum - comments included: "No Country for Old Men" (Schumacher and Barrichello)

5. (new entry) Renault gold suits - my Mum says that he "deserves to win with that suit, dressed for success".

Chart of Loathing

1.(new entry) Calling Vettel the "championship leader" - he's only won one race!

2. (new entry) Kinky Kylie - Vettel give it up, now verging on misogyny

3. (new entry) KERS chat - enough already

4. (new entry) DC - for pronouncing it "Heidfield"

5. (new entry) Facial furniture - Hamilton and Heidfeld mainly

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