Sunday, 22 May 2011

Spain - "Woo hoo. Yabbadabbadee. Ring dinga ding ding."

For some the weekend started with a roasting (Heidfeld) and for some it finished with one. Hot on the trail of bottlegate where Sutil "unintentionally injured" (a plea I hear all too often in the playground) a Renault engineer with a bottle, Heidfeld caught fire out on track ("Get out quickly. Get out quickly.")
It's been quite hard to knit during these races as you have to really concentrate on who is in the pits, who has already been in the pits and how many more stops might everyone have to do. Is driving for "preservation over pace" (Webber) really the way forward?
My other notes from the race include Schumi being interviewed and saying that Rosberg does not have the edge over him, despite being repeatedly out-qualified. Williams had a gear box break during qualifying and followed this up with a rubbish pit stop. So still no points to report..."Are you known as the unluckiest man in Formula 1? Then, come and drive for Williams!"

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