Saturday, 30 January 2010

Return of the 'Macher

Thought I should post something to get this baby off the ground. The return of the Great German Cheat marks a return for me to those acne-filled teen years of Hill-related heartbreak.

Paired with the treacherous Nico Rosberg, will the young pretender be any match? Will he be given a chance? No team orders? I think it's started already:

So those of you thinking I am biased with my belief that Schumi's a devious wee bugger, here is my academic reference, Nico Rosberg:

I will be extremely disappointed if this year is a dull season and even more disappointed if no one comments to this post.


  1. Comment comment comment!
    (Wouldn't want you to be disappointed.)

  2. Who would have thought that Hippy F1 would have anything to comment...

    YES, he is a filthy cheat, and may not have won quite as many championships if his team mate had been allowed to challenge him.

    However, he is, probably, also a fine driver and team-builder.

    Isn't it a pity, though, that he returns just as the risk of pit-lane fires has been removed. (I don't know - can I say that?)

    It will be exciting to see how he gets on with 3 other world champions on the grid - none of whom will show him any sympathy.

    I think it's likely to be an absolutely cracking season. Can't wait !!

    Me and Missus Hippy F1 are looking forward to meeting the Pitstop Princess by the way.

    Chin chin.

  3. Remember, Hippy F1, that one of those champions he will be facing is the most recent one to beat him - Alonso.