Sunday, 13 May 2012

Spanish GP Banter - "Good job"

Advance warning - if you are not a Williams fan, stop reading.  I make no apologies for my near-unreserved joy today.  Tempered only by the subsequent tragedy of the fire in the Williams garage.

I'm not sure whether everyone will have found today's race a nail-biting drama watched from behind spread fingers but there certainly was a lot of drama in the last 12 laps.  As Williams and Sauber make great breakthroughs the overwhelming feeling (apart from sootiness) down the pit lane is disappointment.  Alonso and Raikkonen plastered on smiles and hoisted Maldonado on to their shoulders but there was sadness in their eyes.  Cracks are beginning to show at McLaren, Whitmarch discussing his long night of "lots of conversations with Lewis", who presumably was tempted out with football stickers, sweeties and a new pair of earrings.

Considering who could be the 6th winner this year at Monaco, I am now rooting for Senna and, more realistically, Raikkonen.  A good outside bet might be Grosjean, who put in the fastest lap in Spain.  It's all to play for.

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  1. I actually loved this race; Alonso was beaten, and there was plenty of action in the mid-pack to keep us going. Despite backing Vettel and Kobayashi in FF1 - I personally want Lewis to win the championship; his driving is often exciting/aggressive, and I love a good comeback (tough couple of years with a car always an edge behind red bull).

    Good stuff 'Pitstop Princess'!

    Kamikaze Kobayashi