Sunday, 30 March 2014

Malaysian GP - "Awesome race...faultless weekend"

I'm not sure how appropriate Hamilton's post-race comment is to the overall spectacle.  One of the more mediocre races I've seen recently.  Although Ricciardo did his best to keep it interesting.


Rivalry between Massa and Bottas - one team is trying to keep it interesting


Rivalry between Massa and Bottas - this will only lose us points
"Stiction" - DC's new word for friction
Avery labels - as used to make the "pray for the lost flight" stickers for drivers' helmets.  Classy.
"The unluckiest man in Formula 1" - I feel the phrase may be making a comeback for Ricciardo
Hoovers - voted the new sound of F1 by you, the readers
Massa - out of the frying pan into the fire - "Bottas is faster than you"
Hamilton's hair - ???
Cumberbatch for interviews - I am a little split on this one as he asked the most insightful questions since Damon Hill but still....
Plugging the sponsor - was there a financial bonus for the number of times Petronas got mentioned by Merc personnel? 


  1. Hippy F1 thinks.....
    Who else is still following F1 on the Beeb? I refuse to give Murdoch my money and etc etc etc etc, but I think Coulthard and Edwards are going head to head to see who can hammer the final nail into the coffin of BBC F1 coverage. Reluctantly we have to accept that Edwards doesn't know what he's talking about, but Coulthard - his musings and asides are careering aimlessly from the banal to the, er, very banal.
    Circumstances forced me to listen to the Qualifying on radio 5 live - I think in future I may listen to James Allan (yes!!! James bl**dy Allan) on the radio and get the pictures off the telly with the sound down.
    Does anybody have a view on this?
    Cumberbatch !!! By his own admission he knows little about F1 - and even with his errors (Vettel didn't win in the wet last year) he was still more interesting than the usual parade of stiffs that do the podium interviews...which brings me back to old 'Box-Face' Coulthard - when is he going to grow up and admit that people do not boo Vettel because they got bored with his domination last season, they boo him because everyone saw shades of Schumacher in how dishonourably he treated Webber last year.
    Wow, I started this just to get a couple of things off my chest - but I've ended up more aggitated than when I started.
    Engine noise anyone? Not sure it bothers me. I used to go and watch the testing sessions at Barcelona - initially the noise was electrifying but after 3 or 4 hours it became physically exhausting.

  2. Agree on engine noise. I was at the race and can confirm, yes they are still loud but no not as loud as they used to be. Much preferable to be able to listen to the radio commentary on normal in ear headphones at a sensible volume than go deaf. Actually with the full-on noise cancelling headphones available at the circuit it was amazingly quiet. But you can still take them off and get a blast of sound to remind yourself where you are.

  3. Am loving the "Our Man at the Race" upgrade to the blog