Monday, 21 April 2014

China GP - "Absolutely epic"

I think I will disagree with the title for this race.  There wasn't quite enough action to keep me awake for the entire race and it wasn't that early a start.  Talking of starts, I was very impressed with Massa's.  Less impressed with Alonso and Rosberg, who each managed to bash a Williams in the first couple of corners.  I think Rosberg may have learnt a lesson.  Not Alonso though, although he did dedicate his podium to the lovely Stefano Domenicali, who will be much missed.  This Marco chappy seems to be a bit of a Briotore at first glance.

Further on in the race, Massa's poor first pit stop was massively disappointing.  His whole season is turning into "if only...".  Of course, one can always take solace in Vettel being asked for the second race running to move over for his team mate.  My last noteworthy point is that we should all be impressed with the teenage Kvyat, who has scored three points finishes in his first four races.  If that had been Chilton or Kvyat had been British, we'd have been hearing a lot more about him.

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