Sunday, 11 May 2014

Spanish GP - "Pretty close for comfort"

Not much to write about for this race.  It was a bit of a procession with a couple of exceptions, see below.


Bottas' start - I wasn't sure whether his start just looked great against Grosjean and Ricciardo, who went nowhere but the many replays reassured me that it was excellent.
8th gear - who knew?
Vettel - finally worth watching in races.  Earned you points for fastest lap and most places made up from grid position.
Intra-team racing - as seen at Ferrari and Mercedes.  Without it the procession rolls on.


Danny O'Sullivan? - answers on a postcard
Pitlane radio - nowhere near as good as it used to be
Hamilton - what a whingebottom
Massa - put him in a decent car and still he loses places
Baby Pitstop - refusing to show any signs of leaving the garage

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  1. Baby Pitstop is now taking up a development driver role for PSP's team...