Monday, 25 August 2014

Belgian GP - "If you can keep your head..."


Reportage shots of fries and mayo
Magnussen - sporting a loom  band and no cap
Mercedes touch on Lap 2 - grimly inevitable
Hamilton's kevlar revenge on Rosberg
The Raikkonaissance


Bernie's ramblings - is it diplomacy (as EJ suggests) or senility
Hamilton - he wanted to quit the race, they needed a moving billboard.  He doesn't enjoy driving for driving's sake I guess
"Squeezy squeezy" - Bedward
No rain - come on 2014 season, just a few more drips of water please
Finishing 13th - someone should tell Massa that the number 13 is unlucky in Britain
Booing - Rosberg didn't win and he's a nicer chap as Hamilton is at least

On le fence

Horner's beard - surely Halliwell's doing
17 year old drivers - I still worry when I go over 45mph and I'm twice his age

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