Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Spain GP - "Excellent race...well managed"

Woo hoo

Mad Max - painted on the side of the Lotus' - did it affect their driving
Thinking "aren't Red Bull doing well?" - and then realising they are Toro Rosso
Sainz wing cam - excellent shots of the start of the race
Carmen Jorda - no need to comment
5.3 second stop - for Hamilton!  Compares to Vettel's 2.2 seconds
Doing it on the track - Hamilton: "You will have to find another solution".  Money well spent.
Pit stops - Alonso's front jack man leaped, Grosjean want too far, Sainz's was just poor
McLaren have made progress - ???
Winning - yay for Rosberg


Vettel's lucky coins - tucked into his laces???
Opal Fruits and pencils - Sky's budget has plummeted
Return of Hammertime - but not enough
Toro Rossos - qualifying heroes to race zeroes
Lotus's bad gear - bad idea
Maldonado - did so much with so little and then had to retire, for once a shame
Last lap contact - Kvyat and Sainz, schoolboy error

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