Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Hungary GP - "*Italian* *French*"

Exciting Race

Pushing the car - very old skool and against the rules - but shows the right spirit
Excellent overtake - Ricciardo on Bottas
All happening in the pit lane - Grosjean's unsafe release, Hamilton's long stop, lots of speeding
Hamilton's magic engine button - the other drivers don't stand a chance
Kvyat - first podium - and don't forget Verstappen finishing just off the podium
Points for McLaren - at last
Kvyat never gave up - just like a Furchester

Or the "best drivers on the planet" making lots of mistakes?

Jules Bianchi - nothing expresses grief like a hash tag
Stopping short on the grid - Massa gets Williams' race off to a poor start
Blaming Rosberg - Hamilton's response to running off on Lap 1
Excellent overtake - Ricciardo on Bottas
Perez crashing - day after day
Switching it off and on again - Ferrari's response to Raikkonen's loss of power
Scary front wing failures - poor Hulkenberg
Being too pushy at the restart - Hamilton locks up, gets a drive through penalty and then apologises!!!
Puncturing other drivers - Kvyat to Bottas and Ricciardo to Rosberg - booo.  *Chants* Penalty penalty.
Maldonado - seems to be up to his old tricks
"Why are the clapping ladies wearing life jackets?": Go Fast and Prosper - commentary always welcome
Angry pizza? - Arrivabene might need a translator
Honey badger? - refers to Ricciardo apparently

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