Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Belgium GP - "Top job...beautiful work"


Skeletons in the closet - Raikkonen must know about Arrivabene's, how else does he have another contract with Ferrari signed so early?
Overtaking - treats from Grosjean, then Kvyat
Kvyat: "It was really good fun today" - at last a racer who enjoys his job


How did Spa get so boring?
Penalties - ruining an interesting grid
Under starter's orders - Hulkenberg was starting, no he's not, yes he is, no, no definitely not...then Sainz
Poor starts - Bottas and Rosberg threw everything way early doors
Mixing up the tyres - from bad to worse for Bottas
Sunshine - another way to ruin Spa
Getting the marigolds on - the marshals get ready to move Ricciardo's car
Bailiffs at the door - things are looking bad for Lotus but then up again with Grosjean's podium ("don't ask me how or why")
"Hyper-exciting" - EJ sounds like your gran taking selfies
Lauda: "Hamilton is unbeatable at the moment" - disappointing news
Tyre chat - more after the race than before for a change - Vettel was swearing and blaming Pirelli for his missing out on a podium finish.  Pirelli insist the tyre blow-outs have been a "third party problem".  Well, isn't this going to be an interesting new forum in F1?

Finally, what is the new starting procedure?


  1. From the press office of HippyF1

    EJ like your Gran taking selfies... VG. But is that due to his excitement at continued involvement in the exciting modern world, or is it just confused bafflement - this is fun but I have NO idea what is going on. I rather fear the latter...

    Could the BBC really not find somebody who spouts less crap than EJ. Somebody who at least has a basic grasp of correct word order, or who is capable of saying 'the viewers', or 'the audience' rather than 'all the people'.

    Vettel, Stop wingeing. When I get my car MOTd they tell me I've done too many miles on a set of tyres and really should think about changing them. Bernie told them to make limited-life tyres, and you knew that when you put them on your car. THEY told ME it was a 2-stop race on the telly. If you're not going to try.......

    There. Spleen vented.

  2. Hope you're feeling better for this (!)