Monday, 26 October 2015

US GP - "You've only gone and done it mate"


Alaska Coffee Roasting Company - another bizarre sponsorship for Manor?  No, they're the money that Rossi brings!
The return of random radio codes - "Green Cow 3", perhaps a corner?
Restarts - spicing up the racing no end.  The one thing that Rosberg really nailed.
Classic Kimi - Team: "Ready for a new tyres and nose."  Kimi: "okay".
Three drivers leading the race (at least): this is the sort of F1 we like, lots of movement at the front.  And not due to penalties, pit stops, tyres, team orders...

Saddle Sore

Crashing - Sainz: "I crash.  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry." (And then walks into the wrong hospitality suite - Manor's.)
Worst possible start - a poor one for Rosberg, followed by a shoving off the track from his team mate
Worst possible ending - a silly mistake for Rosberg and his race, his championship and his manners are gone
Lost noses - two in the first lap
Team collision - Sauber's drivers make the biggest mistake
Losing it all during the first two laps - which team would do a thing like that?  Williams, of course
VSC - unfortunately goes by initials now, meaning it's going to be a fixture, also, how do you know when it's ending?
Lack of experience really starting to show - Kvyat
Frustration - Alonso: "Let's jack it in."  Radio: "No, we're still in the points".  Alonso: "When I not in the points, I come in".  So, he didn't lose tenth place until the last lap.
Awkward cap throwing - for once I think Hamilton was possibly the bigger man
Elton John - ???  Matt le Blanc was there and he is a fan.  Also lots of former drivers.  And professional journalists.  And the lady who sobbed after a selfie with Hamilton.

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