Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Mexico GP - "Really solid weekend"

Vettel dominated the weekend one way or another.  Starting with "Am I safe?  I need to pee." during qualifying.  Then a puncture in Lap 1.  It was quite an interesting first lap - I've written "boom boom boom" about the Virtual Safety Car period.  I can't remember why.
During the race we heard a lot from Vettel and Alonso over the radio, mainly whinging.  Until Vettel's now infamous sweary rant.  He wasn't punished for this, having apologised but I remember watching the sport from a very young age and I want Angus to be able to watch it without the bleeping.  Off with his head!
There were a couple of flashbacks to past seasons.  We saw an awful lot of Fisichella.  Some very synchronised team order passes from Red Bull and Williams too.
The TV viewing in Mexico must shoot up for this race.  The camera barely seemed to leave Perez (other than to show us Fisichella).
Coulthard decribed the race as "slow burn". Admittedly I don't have many notes [there was a 20% off on ASOS yesterday.  Ed.]  I enjoyed Hulkenberg giving Williams a spin to help them out in Lap 68.  Then there was all the Vettel/Verstappen carry on.  Vettel was raised and subsequently lowered in the results table.  His wagging finger ultimately not helping him.  Verstappen had to leave the podium room but it was still not the most awkward atmosphere of the season.
Finally, Vettel was crowned Driver of the Day.  Which rules out all thoughts I had to including that in a new scoring system for next season.

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