Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Australia GP - "That's the way to do it"

Ricciardo put a new spin on the phrase "out lap" to start our season, well with Hulkenberg we had to wait one more lap for the season to start..  It wasn't a bad start and there was overtaking, which is positive.  I just wonder how long I will take to stop thinking the McLarens are Force Indias.
When I came to look at the results to type this up, I was surprised by how long the list of retirees was.  All I've noted is that it was a shame for Grosjean and Palmer.  And to think the FIA wanted to improve reliability!
What does the season hold for us?  Vettel seems to have taken some extra Italian language tuition over the break and can now say more than "Forza Ferrari".  I think it will be a while before anyone who speaks Italian as well as Rosberg will show him up on the podium though.  We also have the phrase "overcut" to hear more of...

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