Monday, 17 April 2017

Bahrain GP - "What a were the quickest"

It was an interesting build up to the race.  Predictably there was a lot of discussion about Alonso's decision to race the Indy 500.  Less predictable was Webber's constant analysis of who has "big minerals".

Looking back, only 13 cars finished the race.  This seems very retro, when did reliability fail?  It all started on Lap 9, when K Mag went off.  Although this was just after Massa showed us that really he came out of retirement to drive for Ferrari as he let Raikkonen straight through.  Verstappen's brakes failed and no one batted an eye lid.  Stroll and Sainz crashed.  Mercedes took 6 second pit stops (another retro step).  There were high fives when Hamilton was given a 5 second penalty for his "pit lane incident".

Fortunately, the Safety Car restart provided lots of action.

Alonso gave us an insight into the Fernando-McLaren-Honda relationship when he told them "Do whatever you want mate".

Surprisingly, everyone was still on the same lap until Lap 50 of 57.

Best retirement of the day, goes to Ericsson and Sauber.  After expressing distress, Sauber asked "Oh, what's up?".  Ericsson's reply was: "Gearbox broken".

Then McLaren had another double retirement.

Final thought on the race, why is the race in Bahrain held at night?  How does it improve the spectacle?

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