Monday, 1 May 2017

Russia GP - "well worth the wait"

Another race full of retirements, how much longer can this go on for?

Alonso stopped on the warm-up lap. I think in the olden days we would have seen him racing back to the pits to see what can be done.  Now he's keeping his head down and checking his online banking.

During the first lap, Grosjean and Palmer collided.  I remember a time when we would have automatically put that on Grosjean, now we automatically blame Palmer.  How long can he keep his seat?  I'm also wondering why it is now so acceptable to have a good swear on team radio, they wouldn't in the press pit.  Stroll also spun.

On Lap 5, Ricciardo's brakes caught fire. He was out.  So when Hamilton said: "There's something wrong, I'm getting sensations", there was hope.  Instead he spent the race radioing over and over about "struggling with his temps".

After those opening laps, nothing happened.  At all.  Well, on Lap 33 Raikkonen confused Hamilton and Bottas.  Massa had a slow puncture on Lap 43.  On Lap 44, Bottas requested less radio communications.

Hooray for Bottas, getting his maiden victory, I'm just very disappointed that it wasn't for Williams.

Eddie Jordan then proved he has dementia when he jumped on to the podium shouting: "Sochi, thank you for giving us an unbelievable race!"  Perhaps he was worried that he was going to be sent to the gulag.


  1. Nice. Yep, Raikkonen being confused as to why Bottas was ahead was the highlight. Eddie on the podium was the lowlight - cringe.

  2. Yes - I don't think the retirements can last - though for the sake of Force India, whose form (and Pink Cars!) have given me some unexpected excitement; I'll ride the wave until it, er, crashes...

    FF1 prediction for the year: Moneyball for the title.

    Keep up the good work PP!

    Hoping for...