Sunday, 27 June 2010

Valencia - "That's what I'm talking about"

Valencia is not a circuit that favours the Red Bull apparently. This is a lie. At this race we learnt that Red Bulls are good on all circuits and that Red Bull does give you wings, launching Webber through the air as he tried to overtake Kovalainen by driving over the top of him. Was this Valencia Grand Prix actually any more exciting than the last one, which was derided as a parade? Possibly not. One contentious safety car maketh not a race. It was nevertheless enjoyable to watch Kobayashi's progress and a Williams ending 4th. Although I'm sure one of the worst things a driver (Hulkenberg in the sister Williams) wants to hear over the radio is "Stop and find a fire marshall. Look for an F. Stop now. Now. NOW." It would make me kick the tyre wall in frustration too.

Jake ended the coverage by commenting about "poor, old Michael Schumacher", well one out of two of those facts is correct. Is all the money worth his current ignominy? He hasn't started so far down the grid since he was demoted there for cheating. Ah, the good old days.

This was the first race I have watched with my parents in a long time. The BBC should consider broadcasting my Dad's constant commentary about how much better the MotoGP is compared to the on-screen action on the red button. His best idea was to award all of Webber's points to Kovalainen. Justice in the Crawford household is swiftly delivered and highly punitive.

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