Sunday, 12 September 2010

Italian Analysis - "Fantastica. Pit Stop Stupende."

The Italian grand prix didn't provide the most exciting weekend of the season. Lots of disappointed drivers but a couple of favourites doing well and putting a smile on peoples faces. Hamilton learnt that you gain no points by having the fastest car on the grid if you crash it into another vehicle on the first lap. We also heard Vettel crying into his radio when his engine had a moment. Spare a pitiful thought too for Trulli, whose car blew up at his home race. At his last home race? Massa looked gutted on the podium that he had not delivered a Ferrari win at Monza. To finish, Alonso took at bow, very fitting.

ps. a word of advice for Stefano Domenicali from Mr PP: trim Alonso's eyebrows and you'll have some more weight to play with in the car.

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  1. Mi dispiace, ma posso averi miei punti?

    Corpus Christie - Trimble