Monday, 27 September 2010

Singapore Slinging - "We will get them, don't you worry."

For the third time, F1 returned to the most stunning race on the calendar. Sign me up for a space on the skypark next year please. It was a hairy race weekend in parts, Massa and Kovalainen both spending time outside of the car on track when they shouldn't. A frustrating weekend for some, Hamilton getting a second DNF in two races and the Hulk slamming his helmet into a cupboard like a stropping teenager. Others came out smiling knowing their team mate might now have to support them for the rest of the year (Button) or that they recovered a poor qualifying well (Webber). Ferrari topped and tailed the grid and do not seem to care about Massa at all anymore. We haven't had a race with such a high drop-out rate for a while, I felt most sorry for Glock, who is lovely and was doing so so well in his Virgin. Hypocrisy continues to reign in F1 too, team orders cost me a point, with Kubica overtaking his teammate Petrov very easily. I demand an investigation.

ps. anyone concerned (Trimble!) that I have got the scores wrong, should note that Hulkenberg and Sutil were demoted by the stewards after the race for missing the chicane.

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