Sunday, 28 August 2011

Belgian Banter (no lap of honour, no comment!)

As is traditional at Spa, it was a race of heroes and zeroes. Some people achieved both. Maldonado instigated what I am going to call "toddlergate" during Qualifying (zero) but scored his first point in Formula 1, for Williams (hero). Torro Rosso had an amazing Qualifying especially Alguasauri (hero) but both drivers were out of the race early doors (zero). Rosberg had an incredible start, I don't think anyone could believe their eyes when he went from 5th to 1st (hero) and was then overtaken by his team mate at the end of the race (zero). Schumacher takes the trophy for this though, with a wheel falling off his car in Q1, leaving him starting last on the grid during his 20th anniversary race (zero) and finishing 5th (hero).

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