Sunday, 18 March 2012

Australian GP Charts

Chart of Lust
1. (new entry) Maldonado - my hero! Why wasn't he doing this last year?
2. (new entry) Helmet cams - great, more please
3. (new entry) Damon Hill - on Sky, BRDC's loss is our gain
4. (new entry) 2 DRS zones - it seems to work
5. (new entry) Papa Buttons lucky pink shirt - it seems to work
Chart of Loathing
1. (new entry) Last lap - could you spread out the action over all the laps, chaps?
2. (new entry) Ad breaks on Sky - not during the race but you have to tune in at 4.30am to see all the build-up because of all the breaks
3. (new entry) Ricciardo - booooo for taking Senna out
4. (new entry) The Sky Pad - it's a Smartboard, I have one in my classroom, it doesn't make you special Anthony Davidson, it makes you look like a glorified weatherman.
5. (new entry) "The Kimster" - not one of Brundle's best witticisms

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