Sunday, 18 March 2012

Australian GP - "Welcome to 2009...What a great way to start the year."

My first post of 2012....6 world champions on the grid, 2 television channels to choose from, 81 Sky personnel at the race (more than HRT brought). Qualifying was a disaster for those champions, Raikkonen was too busy changing his helmet to get through to Q2, the Iceman melteth. Alonso also had an early bath. There were more disappointments to come. HRT did not qualify, which makes this race an expensive holiday for them. Domencali seems to have gone grey over the break with worry over his appalling car. Grosjean went from the hero of Qualifying to a zero in the race. Vettel had to push his own car into his second place parking space. Hamilton had his first strop of 2012 having been playing the happy chappy during his PR, even reuniting with the PCD to regain his previous form, toys out of the pram after losing two places during the race. Alonso was particularly mean, commenting that he was fighting with the Williams when he would rather be fighting at the top (better get used to it pal, we're approaching the top and you're approaching the bottom). Luckily Kimi is back so I can transfer my affections back to him. The biggest disappointment though has to be firstly Senna's early crash followed by Maldonado's heartbreaking spin and crash on the last lap.
A great first race, hoping for much more to come.
A note on the commentary: I am planning to watch whole races on the BBC on the BBC (despite the world's most excited commentator in Ben Edwards, who squeals like a little girl) and whole races on Sky when they're not on the BBC. I did watch both today. The BBC do seem to be getting all the interviews, Sky only had Kovalainen and Papa Button during the race!


  1. aside from a nightmare scenario of being stuck in a lift and trying to make small talk with him - I love Kimi Raikkonen (how can you hate a man who can knock over a small child and just walk away? - - But he should know better than to mess with a Samurai Sauber!!


  2. That Sauber tatoo was the best gift we ever got you