Friday, 15 June 2012

Canadian GP - "Fantastic mate"

As it's nearly a week since the race took place, here are some bullet points of things I enjoyed, things I found interesting and points for discussion.

  • Alonso's red, metallic sunnies - Eurotrash king, stealing Schumi's one remaining crown
  • What is it about Canada that brings out the old men?  Andretti, Fitipaldi, Herbert, Villeneurve, Schumi.
  • There was some need to reconsider practises and procedures in the pitlane.  Mercedes went for a fists over screwdrivers strategy and McLaren need to spend more time practising pit stops.
  • What did we think of the constant Hamilton radio?  I like the radio feed but...
  • Bear with me, I am encouraging Mr Pitstop Princess to put the Pussycat Doll dance he did during the race on to YouTube.
  • Overall a reasonable ending and a mildly interesting first step of pit stops.


  1. My song and dance was accurate, and had a reason - Hamilton's Mrs was banging the table moaning about the quality of pitstop. I was merely suggesting that Lewis reacted that way when Scherzinger brought home her single "Right There" and that's why they split last year... PSP didn't know the song, so I stepped up.

    And in fairness, Merc using 8 engineers to try fix Schumi's DRS was funnier

  2. "Engineers"? See, that's the problem with modern technology. Bet they had 14 PhDs between them. What they needed was a 50s mechanic with a moustache, a pipe and a massive hammer
    - Better the Vettel you know

  3. Or Fonzie to elbow the rear wing