Wednesday, 27 June 2012

European GP - "Fantastica"

My word, an unpredictable race at Valencia which has shaken up the championship standings as well as the FF1 standings.  There was shedloads of overtaking, so much so that the director didn't know what to show us (is that being generous?)  Not my favourite race of the year, with so many penalties being awarded to Williams' drivers, however you have to love Di Resta's "nom nom" driving noises.

We can now firmly establish that McLaren don't read this blog or don't value my advice, as they have not been practising pit stops as previously recommended.

Generally I felt there was a lot of looking back and a lot to look forward to from this race.  We saw the return of Kobabashi, poor sportsmanship from Spaniards (booing when Vettel retired), cars actually retiring on track (when was the last time that happened in a top team?) and old skool flag-waving from Alonso.  What am I looking forward to?  Lotus Renault finally achieving their true potential and either driver taking a win and Maldonado cooling down to get back on to winning form.

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