Monday, 22 April 2013

Bahrain GP - "You deserved that"

Well done

Struggling in this category today - there was quite a bit of overtaking.

Must try harder

Herbert predicts Massa for the win
Up and coming Brit Max Chilton receives the customary non-stop coverage and adulation from the media, I'm sick of it.....hold on....
Tyre deg and delamination - boooooring
Poor Di Resta, upholding the Coulthard legacy of Nearly But Not Quite
The Face Like Thunder Award is split between Button (has a team mate challenging him) and Gill from Electronics in Red Bull who took the podium only to be snubbed by some of the Bahrain high heid yin
Vettel has lucky charms in his shoes.
Ferrari goes kerput - Massa cannot keep tyres on his car and Alonso cannot shut his flap.
What are the chances - same podium as last year

Max Chilton's engineer: "You're 4 seconds behind Jules"
Chilton: "I'm going to catch him"
Engineer: "Yes you are"


  1. Who da man? - Bianchi da man.

    'What Up...'

  2. Blast from the past...

    - the winner takes Vet Tel