Sunday, 14 April 2013

China GP - "Phenomenale. Grande weekend"


DC moves on from white jeans
Pit lane feed - we highly recommend getting it on screen during the race - lots of sneaky radio and pit shots
The double Ferrari overtake on Lap 1
Caterhams - crucial role to play.  So bad they're good.
3 races, 3 different winners.  And this year I'm the first to report it.
No Red Bull drivers at either Qually or Race press conferences - can you remember the last time?


New rule - whatever your drinks bottle has written on the outside is what should be inside - Capri-Sun, Monster...
Radio code - ruins the pit land feed: "Pork 1.  Box box box."  "Ultra lamination.  Take yellow 33."
Eddie Jordan's jewellery
The ridiculous demands of sponsors.  See Hamilton toting his Blackberry.

Failure to understand basic Health & Safety - if you see a fire, put it out.  Or at least tell someone.  I'm talking about you Force India Rear Jack Man.
Slo mos
Lotus - the three star car
The phrase "young teams".  
Alonso's girlfriend - the new PCD
DC - the podium is no place to launch a stand-up career.  In fact, I cannot think of any venue where DC should launch a stand-up career.
#unlucky - Hulkenberg (had his long lead squashed by a poor pit stop), Webber (criticises the team and finds that not enough fuel has been put in his car and his tyres have holes in), Raikkonen (the dismal start settings on the Lotus cost him a race win), Rosberg (DNF again) and Sutil

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