Monday, 27 May 2013

Monaco GP - "We couldn't imagine you driving it better today"


Brave stewards - it would have been a long race otherwise
News phrases - "rubber-shod centipede of speed" from Croft
Return to the classic interview - and Prost ditched!


Natalie Pinkham in a bikini - what next?  Damon in trunks?   Herbert in a mankini?
Scandal - it's now testgate, have Mercedes received an unfair advantage from an extra 1,000km on track?  Has it really made a difference?
Broken lap times - or was Bottas really in the pits for most of the race?
Whinging - step forward Button, perhaps it only happens when you're McLaren's No1 driver?
Mind the gap - it's not about the tyres, it's about the gap, oh no, that's the gap you come out into when you've changed your tyres
Waiting until Lap 26 for the first overtake - and that was Di Resta on Massa with DRS.  Then we had to wait until Lap 41 when Hamilton nearly overtook Webber
Groundhog Day - for Massa, just hitting his head repeatedly on the same wall
More rule-reading needed - Grosjean especially needs to review the safety car procedures
Hamilton's hair/beard - just weird
Button/Perez helmets - both look the same in the cockpit
Safety car - usually re-starts the race with dramatic consequences, not today

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  1. For the record, I was pro Sky's Natalie Pinkham bikini footage and I'm all for Herbert as a mountie next time out