Sunday, 12 May 2013

Spanish GP - "I'm happy for all us"

I well remember how happy I was last year after the Spanish Grand Prix, with a joyful Williams win.  As Jordan said: "Mircales don't happen twice in the same place."  How wrong, there was a miracle.  Guitierrez finally came good and scored both fastest lap and climbed the most places from his grid position.  It was a funny old podium, Big Boss Montezemolo spoke to top Ferrari driver Alonso, Ferrari Monkey Massa but not Former Ferrari Star, Raikkonen.  Massa was delighted with his third place and Raikkonen was disappointed with second.


Amazing pit stops - 2.5 seconds for Vettel and 2.6 seconds for Alonso, they barely seem to stop
Maldonado over takes Hamilton
Pit lane feed, still very much enjoyed in the King Crossword household


Cryptic radio messages: "Magic diff"..."Improve braking 4 5 6"..."Charlie level ten ten"..."Wheels, chicken, booster, target two"
What race?   Let's just watch the start
Maldonado not hitting the pit lane speed limiter in time
Caterhams - should be penalised for not stopping VDG on track when his wheel was about to come off
Hamilton whinging about a Williams overtaking him
Jordan's jewellry

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