Monday, 10 June 2013

Canadian GP - "makes up for two years ago" (or last year)

Not much to write about this race.  Our highlight was watching The Winner Takes Vet Tel Junior's nappy pitstop.  The race was mercifully short.  Having not watched the BBC coverage in a while, it really is suffering.  EJ and DC snipe at each other and the team could not get an interview with anyone worthwhile.


Watching the Qualifying build-up after Qualifying.  It makes you realise that there is no real insight given during these interviews.  Whitmarsh gave a long chat about making sure you go out at the right time...
Scuderia Principe Pitstop's Wall of Champions - I'll put a photo up when I can
Bottas' helmet cam - but more of it please


The Sky Patented Punditry Method - squinting your eyes and nodding = sage understanding and Active Listening
Di Resta - an angry man who perhaps should take a greater leadership role in the team
The "disorderly queue" putting Raikkonen and Ricciardo back one place on the grid
Eddie Jordan - the ravings of a lunatic, stream of consciousness drivel from a pensioner who thinks he's a rock star
Bottas descent from 3rd
Awkward pre-podium room.  The tactic is that the winner talks to their team representative, one driver looks out of the window and the other studies the results.


  1. Hippy F1 couldn't agree more your Pitstop Highness.

    I think during my first season in Fantasy F1 (like Brawn I had a shock victory in my first season - swept the board, then have had to settle for struggling mid-field since) anyway, I used to rant about EJ and what a total nutter he is.

    He doesn't answer the question put to him. What he does say is just a stream of consciousness, but sadly from the demented mind of a not-terribly bright man. 'Clever', and successful no doubt, but clearly not very bright.

    Poor Suzie whatsername after the race - desperately 'filling' for minutes at the end of the show with only D (dull as dishwater) C, and E (hatstand) J for help - talk about being hung out to dry.

    In other news, why does DC strain to get such forced, insincere excitement into his voice while commentating. He does actually have the capacity to be interesting if there is something to talk about on track, but take a leaf out of Brundle's book - use your normal voice. In fairness Brundle does have the advantage of an actual sense of humour - something sadly lacking from DCs armoury.

    There. I've said it.

  2. Agree with so much said by 'Princess' and 'Hippy'. I've only one thing to add right now: I've been dying to see Di Resta take the reins more - I've not watched a GP in god knows how long, but I'm waiting for the day he gets the call up from one of the front running teams.

    Maybe we should bring back Kobayashi? - Just saying.

    What up Bianchi?

  3. What a turnaround eh? Not EJ obvs. but Di Resta and more head cam etc. Kobayashi is always good quality and I'm sure he's shunting happily away wherever he is now.