Sunday, 30 June 2013

GB GP - "Great job, great job, excellent job"

Best of British

Thrilling last laps - following the safety car brought out to clear Vettel's poorly parked car, there was some very determined driving (as Webber got the most benefit from this, I see a conspiracy in the offing)
Lotus drivers being allowed to race each other
Massa's start - where did he pull that from or does Smedley operate him via remote control now?
Vettel's loss of drive - anyone else and we wouldn't have enjoyed it
Force India - finally getting the hang of pit stops
Vettel's helmet - decorated with all the members of the team
90s style racing - when waiting for your driver to suffer some form of catastrophe was the norm
Webber and Alonso refer to Vettel as "Michael"

Damp Squib

Chilton - apparently he is no stranger to Silverstone, which will stand him in good stead when he is selling programmes next year
Tyre failures - potentially awful
Pit lane commentary - we are falling out of love.  "Box box tomato three clicks left"
Alonso's evil villain beard
Home grand prixs - Roberg persisted in calling Silverstone Mercedes' home race, even though they are German.  The BBC kept referring to Red Bull as being based in Milton Keynes, even though they are Austrian.  Perhaps your nationality should be based on where you are based.  Wacky.
Sour grapes - "We all made it easy for him" - Hamilton on Rosberg

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