Sunday, 25 August 2013

Belgian GP - "Nice one boys"


Scuderia Principe Pitstop's Gary Anderson impressions - "When I worked at Jordan we always used wheels."
Scuderia Principe Pitstop is also pleased to see that Ricciardo has had his braces removed

(SPP very much padding out this blog)


Williams qualifying - all I ask is consistent rain
Vettel's first lap overtake - the world's heart sank
DRS overtakes - there's no need in Spa, mid-way through the race, Alonso had managed five overtakes without DRS
Driver radio - "Yellow cheese seven", "Checo, we think the best strategy is to push and get ahead of the cars in front."
Gary Anderson - "There's probably a problem somewhere"
Stewards - punishing Maldonado unfairly
DC's' podium interview technique - 1) quote a statistic 2) ask for a response

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