Sunday, 8 September 2013

Italian GP - Results

1. Scuderia Principe Pitstop - 852
2. What up Bianchi? - 848
3. I hate Vettel but I want his points - 823
4. The Winner Takes Vet Tel - 770
5. Still Chewing - 749
6. Rosberg Benz Over Hamilton - 717
7. Rowntree's Randoms - 705
8. Beauty & the F1 Geek - 624
9. The Sutil Knife - 615
10. Hippy F1 - 608
11. The Pitstop Princess - 600
12. Schumacher's Ghost - 531
13. Superstars - 509
14. I'm gonna come at you like a spider monkey! - 458
15. The Baldy Biker - 396
16. 100% British Beef Horsepower - 379
17. The Dark Button - 375
18. Year of the Tifosi - 359


  1. OK, HippyF1 would like to open the discussion of the Italian GP with two questions:
    1) What happened - I slept, sporadically, through my recording of it and will have to watch it again this week.
    2) After the race, when I had woken up, I was puzzled by DCs comments about an apparent defrosting of the relationship between Webber and Vettel. Which TV was he watching? - all I could see in the wee room after the race was Alonso and Webber enjoying a nice wee chat and both totally, deliberately ignoring Vettel - even when he tried to butt in they nodded then blanked him, leaving him to stand alone grinning embarrassedly (is that a word?). Even then, on the podium (I forwarded through the QA as recent experience has taught me how toe-curling it can be) he was consigned to spraying his fizz over Newey as the other two again wanted nothing to do with him.

    I like this - I think upstart Germans who really will do anything to win need to be taught that a win without honour is quite shallow (clearly Monza was a fair and legitimate win - I refer of course to his disgraceful display of disobeying team orders earlier in the year). Reminds us that really honest commentators can only ever bring themselves to call Schumacher a genius, or great World Champion if they also caveat it with "flawed".

  2. The Princess fell asleep straight after the race and kept asking why there was no champagne... There was.

    I agree about the lack of thaw and I'd expand it to EVERYONE and Vettel - The post race holding room camera is just brutal TV, awkward silences and muted celebrations.