Sunday, 22 September 2013

Singapore GP - "What?!"

This was a race where 55 laps were just the build-up for the final few.  It was good to be watching back on Sky but I bet the highlights show was more interesting.


Kimi's "bad back" - I wish I achieved that much when I have a bad back
Tom Jones - more amusing that Becks and better looking than the PCD
Raikkonen's overtake on Button
Fireworks - especially at the finishing line
Retro F1 - Alonso gave Webber a ride back to the pits following his fire.  They are probably the only two old enough to remember such chivalry
Humility - Vettel plays up his bad start
New phrases - other teams were "hanging their balls in the pool" whilst Red Bull mechanics kept working, according to Vettel


Restraint - Sky started broadcasting before it had even turned dark in Singapore
Ricciardo - a good sign for Red Bull that they've made the right choice there
Bad luck - Poor Goujon but Webber retains the title of unluckiest drive in Formula One
Giving up - Hulkenberg
Di Resta - most pathetic crash of the season?
Brundle - for telling off the crowd for booing Vettel

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