Sunday, 8 September 2013

Italian GP - "megadrive"


Increased Ricciardo coverage - the grinning buffoon who always pleases
Hulkenberg - a great qualifying and race, remember he was talent-spotted by Williams
John Surtees on the podium - at last someone really qualified to ask the questions
Pitlane engineer-cam - where else can FOM fit cameras? - amusing answers in the comments box please


Force India's green team socks, nothing unites a team like the same colour socks
Increased Ricciardo coverage - let's wait until next year
Awkward - all interviews with Hamilton, especially when he wells up, also see EJ interviewing Kasabian and EJ's grid walk generally
Failure to tow - Massa and Alonso
Crazy Frog - as performed by Vettel, who, along with Hasselhoff, is a top notch ambassador for Germany
Radio transmission - "box, box, pit confirm"


  1. Cam locations:
    - lewis's dog's collar
    - bernie's lawyer's briefcase
    - webber's KERS on/off switch
    - EJ's wardrobe
    - Alonso's mouth

  2. I expect to hear soon, as part of operation Yewtree, that EJ was caught trying to install a camera in the women's toilets. He is a revolting little man....

    I think,they'll expand on the thermal camera to show a rage camera - Kimi and Di Resta would be perfect host subjects, turning redder as their anger grows