Monday, 28 October 2013

Indian GP - "We'll talk about it afterwards"

Apologies if you followed the tweet-a-long but this is pretty much a duplication.


Massa - did not think I would be tweeting about him leading a race ever again
Jump starts - very retro
Alonso's 1571 helmet - the number of points he has scored (the most ever), nice to see he is investing in a helmet he'll be able to use for a few races
Sutil - the new tyre master, 40 laps on one set
Bottas - holding off several big name drivers during the race
Real mix of teams in top 5
No radio codes - Rocky's message to Vettel: "Raikkonen's on new tyres, he's going to obliterate your lap"
Sporting men on the podium - Rosberg and Grosjean did a good job of celebrating with Vettel rather than sulks and dark looks


Vettel's Eurotrash roots - perhaps he can get them touched up with his championship win bonus
Eurotrash sunglasses - as sported by Massa, Raikkonen and Alonso
Smog - radios not working, medical helicopters couldn't take off, Rosberg's white overalls were absolutely manky
No sign of penalties for Vettel - abandoning the car on track, running around on track and doughnuts - if Webber had done that...?
Tyre gambling - Kimi needs to break the addiction, he can't make it work and it ruins his results
DRS passes - boring
Button's strategy - if he gets anywhere higher than 16th position during the race, the team call him into the pits

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