Monday, 14 October 2013

Japanese GP - "Ichiban, ichiban"


Suspense - would Massa and Webber move over and follow team orders?  What does "Multi-function strategy A.  Now.  Please." mean, if not "move over"?
Vettel's potential first lap problem - wishing and hoping and thinking and praying, planning and dreaming
Webber's 3 stop strategy - dividing the paddock, did it cost him the race?  An obvious yes from me.
Close finishes - Lotus blamed Grosjean for not doing better (seems unfair) and Button and Alonso was so so close
Torro Rosso will be taking Renault engines next season - will they change their name to Le Boolle Rouge?
Scuderia Principe Pitstop would like to nominate early morning races with hot croissant and dressing gowns.  What's not to love when the alarm goes off at 6.30am?


Vettel's potential first lap problem - just a lock-up or something...
Rosberg's unsafe release - the worse we've seen in a long time
Another awkward pre-podium prep room chat
Konichiwa - why is it fun to throw in the odd word of Japanese but not of any other language?
Martianaise - is that the national anthem of Mars Eddie?

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  1. Multi Function Strategy A
    Move to the F****** Side for Alonso

    Bring back 2008 and MFSM.

    - The Winner Takes Vet Tel