Thursday, 12 June 2014

Canadian GP - *sobs*


Adrian Newey - staying at Red Bull, but not in F1, a chance for everyone else to catch up
Classic race start - lots of excitement
Bottas' pit stop - 2.6 quick seconds, at last Williams pull it off
Massa passes Alonso - schadenfreude
Overtaking - so much of it, best race of the season, I think (please comment if you disagree)
Canadian crowd
Australian national anthem - long time since we've heard it


Suzie's yellow boots - a bit Fireman Sam
Button - so gaunt
Adrian Newey - staying at Red Bull, no chance for another team to receive the magic
Massa's pit stop - 7 long seconds
Williams throw away another race...
Poor Perez - what a shame
Massa/Perez - a Grosjean style incident, if it had been him what would the other drivers be saying?
Button's interview - finding the negative in the positive

1 comment:

  1. Team Hippy F1 press release

    I'm interested that your Pitstop Highness has described it as Williams throwing away another race when the stewards saw fit to penalise Perez. Admittedly, when I watched the incident, and the subsequent replays, it seemed to me that Massa was to blame, but then I had only that one camera angle to guide me.
    A bunch of data went to the stewards and they made their decision. I thought it was a tragedy. I'm not especially fond of Perez - but pleased he wasn't hurt. Quite like Massa so pleased he's OK. Not especially a fan of Williams (beggin' yer forgiveness highness), but I would like to see them getting back into the mix. Maybe dinner with Adam Parr softened me a little,,,,
    Beyond that - yep, Suzie's fireman wellies were not a good look, Jordan is still a nutter, DC is still just, dull, all-in-all, since Brundle and Jake Humphreys left, the BBC coverage has really struggled in my mind. No bite, no humour. Perhaps the fact that I only see a whole race (rather than difficult-to-follow highlights shows) so rarely now that the whole thing seems to be losing a lot of it's sparkle.
    Oh dear, Hippy F1 doesn't sound happy at all.....