Monday, 2 June 2014

Monaco GP - "Mighty job. Mighty"


Raikkonen's start
Marussia - scoring their first points


Ericsson in Qually - poor, shoddy, ban him.
Ricciardo - looked very, very nervous on the grid
Kvyat - what a shame
Hamilton - back to "toys out the pram" days
Raikkonen's mystery Safety Car stop
Williams' tactics
8 DNF - the most so far, very retro
Benedict Cumberbatch's interview - make him stop
Marussia - can't afford PR training - "I did a really sh*t start"

1 comment:

  1. No mention of Nico's Schumi-style qualifying stunt? None??

    No wonder Hamilton thinks that the world is against him, with such blatant media self-censorship.

    Still can't decide whether what Nico did is a "oui" or a "non". Actually, it's probably both.

    I loathe him for doing it (fact) and for getting away with it (nice use of the Scottish "not proven" verdict), but also can't help respecting him for succeeding where others have failed and for gaining a massive psychological advantage over Hamilton, who will fume about this for the rest of the season, whether he ultimately wins the Championship or not. For such a great driver, Hamilton is a Grade-A numpty.

    Anyway, glad that the Pitstop Crown Prince is back home and well. Well done on keeping the blog up to date while looking after him too, no small feat! We've been there - respect due.

    - Ch-ch-ch-ch-CHANGES!